Buried Cities, Volume 1 Pompeii (TREDITION CLASSICS)

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Eingeleitet von Ernst Howald. Lizensausgebe Artemis Imitation leather bound wrps. Edidit E. Poetae Elegiaci.

Pompeii, an introduction

Original cloth. Series: Bibliotheca Teubneriana. Samengesteld en met aantekeningen voorzien door W. Tjeenk Willink, Zwolle, Scrinium Classical Antiquity Search our books. Welcome to Scrinium Classical Antiquity Our bookstore specializes in new, second-hand and antiquarian books on Classical Antiquity.

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Buried Cities, Volume 1 Pompeii

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With CD Rom: maps. Head spine a bit worn and damaged. This all embracing survey of Pompeii provides the most comprehensive survey of the region available. With contributions by well-known experts in the field, this book studies not only Pompeii, but also — for the first time — the buried surrounding cities of Campania. The World of Pompeii includes the latest understanding of the region, based on the up-to-date findings of recent archaeological work.

Accompanied by a CD with the most detailed map of Pompeii so far, this book is instrumental in studying the city in the ancient world and is an excellent source book for students of this fascinating and tragic geographic region. Publisher's information. From the library of Prof.

Carl Deroux. Ovidio e il discorso Augusteo. Laterza, Bari, Hardbound with dust wrps. Dust wrps to upper edge back slightly creased. Else fine. With signature from Prof. Carl Deroux on free endpaper. For, as B.

The Lost City of Pompeii

The texts on which B. The subject matter of the 'Fasti' may seem to be limiting p. The formal model of the calendar invites 'separative' reading, but the poetic model of Callimachus suggests a more interconnected view p. This central part of B.

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Through his definitve actions 'Augusto definisce non solo come un Primo ma anche come un Ultimo Uomo, definitivo, per Roma. To be 'anti-Augustan' is to pay the price of having to read the texts with the eyes of a delator or a mole, while the 'Augustans' are favoured with a smile and the best seats at an entertainment which, without their knowing it, includes them 'in the scenic action of the poetic language. Story-Scientia, Gand, Original gilt titled cloth with dust wrps.

Rivista annuale, numero 4, Palumbo, n. Richly and nicely ills. Head and tail spine a bit bumped. From the library of the late Prof. The criterion which guided the studies of the academicians was far from being worthy of unqualified praise, and consequently their work did not always meet the approval of the best scholars who had the opportunity of seeing the monuments. Among these was Winckelmann, who in his letters gave ample notices of the excavations and the antiquities which he was able tp visit on several occasions.

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Other notices were furnished by Gori, Symbolae lztteramae Florentznae , , by Marcello Venuti, Descrzzwne delle puma scoperte d' Ercolano Rome, , andSc1p1one Maffei, Tre letlere mtorno alle scoperte d' Ercolano Verona, The excavations, which continued for more than forty years , were executed at first under the immediate direction of Alcubierre , and then with the assistance of the en ineers Rorro and Bardet , Carl Weber and Francesco La Vega. After the death of Alcubierre the last named was appointed director-in-chief of the excavations; but from that time the investigations at Herculaneum were intermitted, and the researches at Pompeii were vigorously carried on.

Resumed in , the excavations at Herculaneum were shortly after suspended, nor were the new attempts made in with the money estowed by King Victor Emmanuel attended with success, beirag impeded by the many dangers arising from the houses built overhea The meagreness of the results obtained by the occasional works executed in the last century, and the fact that the investigators were unfortunate enough to strike upon places already exg ored, gave rise to the opinion that the whole area of the city had een crossed by tunnels in the time of Charles Ill.

And although it is recognized that the works had not been prosecuted with the caution that they required, yet in view of the serious difficulties that would attend the collection of the little that had been left by the first excavators, every proposal for new investigations has been abandoned. The antiquities excavated at Herculaneum in that century ae. They come partly from the buildings of the ancient city theatre, basilica, houses and forum , and partly from the private villa of a great Roman family cf.

From the city come, among many other marble statues, the two equestrian statues of the Balbi Museo Borbomco, vol. Mural paintings of extraordinary beauty were also discovered here, such as those that represent Theseus after the slaughter of the Minotaur Helbig, Wandgemalde, Leipzig, , No.

Notwithstanding subsequent discoveries of stupendous aintings in the gardens of the Villa F arnesina on the banks of the Tiber, the monochromes of Herculaneum remain among the finest specimens of the exquisite taste and consummate skill displayed by the ancient artists.

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Among the best preserved is Leto and Niobe, which has been the subjlect of so many studies and so many publications zbzd. The Vila Suburbana has given us a good number of marble busts, and the so-called statue of Aristides, but above all that splendid collection of bronze statues and busts mostly reproductions of famous'Greek works now to be found in the Naples Museum.

It is thence that we have obtained the reposing Hermes, the drunken Silenus, the sleeping Faunus, the dancing girls, the bust called Plato's, that believed to be Seneca's, the two quoit throwers or discoboli, and so many masterpieces more, figured by the academicians in their volume on the bronzes. But a still further discovery made in the Villa Suburbana contributed to magnify the greatness of Herculaneum; within its walls was found the famous library, of which, counting both entire and fragmentary volumes, papyri are preserved.

Among the nations which took the greatest interest in the discovery of the Herculaneum library, the most honourable rank belongs to England, which sent Hayter and other scholars to Naples to solicit the publication of the volumes. Of the papyri which have been unrolled, have been published Herculanenszum volumznum gaae supersunt Naples, 17 ; Collectzo altera, The names of the authors are in themselves sufficient to show that the library belonged to a person whose principal study was the Epicurean philosophy.

But of the great master of this school only a few wor s have been found.

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Of his treatise Hepl ibnieews, divided into 37 books, it is known that there were three copies in the library Coll. Professor Comparetti, studying the first fasciculus of volume xi. Even the other authors above mentioned are but poorlg represented, with the exception of Philodemus, of whom 26 di erent treatises have been recognized.

But all these philosophic discussions, belonging for the most part to an author less than secondary among the Epicureans, fall short of the high expectations excited by the first discovery of the library. Among the many volumes unrolled only a few are of historical importance-that edited by Bucheler, which treats of the philosophers of the academy Acad. Toa preciate the value of the volumes unrolled but not yet published gfor 1 6 vols. Studzen, Leipzig, , cf. Herculaneum, Amsterdam, , were found tied up in a bundle apart.

Of these we know 18, but they are all so damaged that hardly any of them can be deciphered. One with verses iglating to the battle of Actium is believed to belong to a oem of abirius. The numerical preponderance of the works of Philodemus led some people to believe that this had been the library of that philosopher.

Professor Comparetti has thrown out a conjecture ef. Comparetti and de Petra, op.