Cut Down to Size: Achieving success with weight loss surgery

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She also works in tier 3 weight management services offering intensive support for patients with severe overweight.

Jenny Radcliffe (Author of Cut Down to Size)

Jenny has specialist expertise in the psychology of bariatric surgery and weight management. As a member of the Brighton Bariatrics team, Jenny provides specialist psychological assessment for patients wishing to have weight loss surgery. She is also able to offer individual therapy and support both before and after surgery. Whether you struggle with emotional or binge eating; your confidence has been affected by your weight; or you suffer from body image distress Jenny can help.


She will support you to explore your relationship with food, understand triggers for problematic eating, cope with distress and develop effective stress management skills to ensure that you have the best outcome. Brighton Bariatrics is a multidisciplinary team of surgeons, gastroenterologists, anaesthetists, dietitians, psychologists and nurses, specialising in bariatric surgery.

The high quality care you receive from us is local to you - Before, during and after your weight loss surgery. Patients achieve reliable weight loss with a simple operation they can easily understand. It makes sense that with a small stomach, you will eat less and lose more weight.

The sleeve gastrectomy has been found to be much more effective than the gastric band and does not require placement of a foreign device or needle adjustments which the band does. Patients also report more confidence and vitality and are pleased to be able to engage in more activities.

A sleeve gastrectomy takes about one hour to complete and usually involves a night or two in the hospital. The recovery is fairly quick. We expect our patients to be up and around immediately. Most are walking the day after surgery.

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At first, there may be some pain around the incisions but this is treated with pain medicine and generally resolves in a few days. How soon patients return to work depends on mow much physical activity is required.


My basic rule is no heavy lifting for a month after surgery. Those with desk jobs typically go back to work after two weeks. It is very important to have routine testing of the vitamin levels in your body to make sure that you are getting the vitamins and nutrients you need.

We also recommend surveillance endoscopies on a routine basis, to make sure everything is working properly and to check for signs of reflux—a condition where the contents of the intestines or stomach back up into the esophagus. Some patients may develop reflux after sleeve gastrectomy, so we watch them very carefully.

Cut Down to Size: Achieving success with weight loss surgery

We also do our surgery in a way that is thought to decrease this risk. Reflux is usually treatable with medication, yet some patients may need a gastric bypass. Another, newer solution approved for effective treatment of reflux and being studied specifically for the sleeve gastrectomy is LINX, a magnetic device that looks like a necklace that is surgically placed around the esophagus. The beads sit around the esophagus and keep acid from coming up into it.

When a person swallows, the beads separate and allow the food to go down. They rest of the time the beads stay closed, preventing backflow or damage to the lining of the esophagus. Some people do better. Believe in yourself.

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