Light and Song

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That was a very brooding and dark lyrical record, whereas this one is the yang to the yin of that. Myles was having a dark moment in that time and he wrote the majority of the lyrics.


This is more of an enlightening, Zen kind of record. It's not a preachy record by any means; it's more of a free-spirited kind of thing.

Light Song

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The Tacoma Refugee Choir's Song of Shadow and Light | Seattle Met

He is a presence both mundane and shamanic. Cover photograph: Detail of balmyard constructed from zinc, Jamaica.

Kei Miller was born in Jamaica in and has written several books across a range of genres. Praise for Kei Miller 'Miller surpasses expectations for a book to be about something, as if a book's purpose were merely to convey information, or to create an experience. To read In Nearby Bushes is to be guided into thinking through things, however uncomfortable or uncanny. Diverse and stimulating.

Megaphone (Shine A Light)

There are surprises, there is beauty, there are pleasures to be discovered, there is much to be enjoyed. Radiant utterance that speaks of island experiences and gender politics from a deep well of understanding, with empathy, humour and insight. Kei Miller's is a voice we will hear much more of, for it speaks and sings with rare confidence and authority.

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Tom Walker - Leave a Light On (Official Video)

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