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Woven with imagery of whorehouses and town bars, violence in between the townspeople and impeccable dialogue between characters, Lone Dog Barking is a wonderful narrative and would be of interest to readers of historical novels. The dialogue is distinct and promotes strong characterization, drawing the reader in to the story. Call Us Today! Lone Dog Barking. Diamond Member.

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I'm thinking of taking up camping alone with my dog. Short hols days max. Is it a good idea , is there anything I should consider. Any other lone campers out there? There are several lone campers on here and several threads about this very subject - and yes, it's a good idea, especially if you have a four legged friend to take with you I've been solo camping with my two little terriers for over six years now and love it, I also write a blog about it.

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Static caravan insurance is also available. Get an online quote now. When OH has been working I have caravanned alone with our four-legs. For me there is no downside, the upsides are the opportunity to chat to other campers if you want to because the dog is a good 'ice breaker', no-one will wonder why a single chap is wandering around if they have a lead, poo bags and a dog!

If you're the sort of person who wants to schlepp round shops or historic buildings where the dog would have to be alone in the car then maybe it's not for you - especially in hot weather. Things to consider - lots of old towels for wiping wet feet, and extra bedding if there is the remotest chance of your pooch getting cold in the night. Our caravan has a fixed bed that is just about big enough for two which is fortunate because A Certain Person insists on sleeping with me and preferably snuggling under the covers! Guess that could be tricky if you use a mummy-style sleeping bag!

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Hi Alan, it's a great idea, and you won't be alone because you've got your four legged friend with you, and other campers. Although we are now Motorhomers, We were seasoned campers before that and I have been camping regularly since childhood. We found the Camping and Caravaning club aka The Friendly Club the best organisation to use if you were thinking of this route. Their directory lists many different types and grades of sites.

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Go for it and let us know how you get on. I have been camping solo for 14 years but without the dog Most campsites are pretty secure places with plenty of people around willing to help if there is a problem.

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With a dog you obviously need to make sure it can't escape and on most campsites has to be on a lead at all times. They started to lose all the hope in finding the dog when they heard a bark nearby. They followed the sound and found dog clenched between the rocks in poor health condition. He was sick and very much thin and lean. Dog survived there for six long weeks and it was a real miracle that they found him alive.

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Later, they found out that dog name was Chloe and she was year-old. She was lost, but Sean and Trinity quickly found her owners through social media.


The owners had lost almost every hope for finding her back, so the first meeting was very emotional.