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Livejournal graphics - icons, fo banners, and more. A place for people interested in RP to meet, find psl partners and group role play. Una community dedicata a racconti e fanfiction in lingua italiana. Promotion of Harry Potter related communities and websites. A writing challenge for the completely insane! No restrictions, no deadlines, no limits! Frank and Alice Longbottom from Harry Potter. Taking on bad writing one mangled metaphor at a time.

Fanfiction and fanart crossovers featuring Supernatural. Graphic art and fan fiction or original writings. The discussion and exploration of the relationship between and among Harry, Ginny and Luna. Celebrating the relationships between the four houses of Hogwarts.

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    Fanfic and fanart in the Harry Potter universe inspired by the Tarot. Just a place to keep my graphics and hope people like 'em! A grammar community focused on fandom.

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    Have your grammar questions answered by fandom grammarians. To create stories that celebrate the idea of Harry and Draco as a couple and as parents.

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    Tierfal writes things. Lots of things. Most were born around the turn of the century, , near Collins Bay or Ernestown Bath. They settled, and raised families along the lake as far as Castleton. David Purdy' s three other brothers settled mostly around Kingston or as above. Their names were Gilbert, Micajah, and Samuel. Tliis study concerns them especially. There were 11 children. Ue have located eight fajnilies and their decendants. Three either died young or have been lost.


    All are dealt with in detail else- where. His eldest son, David, who, as Se? David Purdy married Abigail Ostrum of Sidney township and brought up a large fajnily of. The book is a small octavo 6'' X 7t'' of pages of laid paper without watermark, now foxed and water-stained, the first leaf missing. Order and consistency were the least of Purdy 's concern in keeping his accounts. He started mal? The last entry is for October 26, , on page 72, Pages 73 to are blank, except for pages and which are inscribed with religious sentiments.

    There are no business entries for , , , , The accounts themselves are interspersed with occasional memoranda and pious exhortations. John Collins Clark. Typescript of the original in Queen's University Library, Page 2. Papers and Records, Vol. Gilbert Purdy One wonders whether the chaotic disorder of the account book may have prompted this prayer, for nothing short of divine Providence could have disentangled Purdy 's records!

    Folded into the book are several loose leaves, including a medical prescription "To stop a hamorrhage'' , half a dozen separate sta. His prosody is on a par with his spelling. The opening quatrain is a fair sample c I 8jn like a poor xTonderer her all alone Serrounded by woods land and shades A stranger unpitied a. Mistakes in such a study are bound to occur. Corrections will be made if we are advised, in tne final copy. Tne writer of this family. Maud nad a brother Lewis and a Mae. Of the eignt cnildren and t. Rather tae general high avprage of all combined is the purpose.

    Investigations have led back, without a four Purdy brothers born in New York and the Gilbert Purdy, 3r. Books, pamp as well as information compiled by Dr. Bath, historian of tne United Empire Lovalis been extensively used. Information has been H. Tnis Gilbert is a brother of fatner of our family group. Elva rtobbs of Toronto, aas been very nelpful in many ways.

    Jacob is an- other brotner of our Joan Purdy. Will M. Will is a first cousin and his own family of five are now living near Toronto. Will is the son of Ridley, an- other member of the John and Anna family. Will's daughter, Winifred Ellis was very helpful.

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    2. Odysseus: Escaping Poseidons Curse [A Greek Legend] (Graphic Myths and Legends).
    3. November 2006.
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    6. harry potter.
    7. Sharing my love for written words.

    Maud and Eva Mae are surviving wives of first cousins. Maud Purdy is ttie wife of my first cousin Will Purdy.

    Lunatics, Lovers, and Poets Trailer

    Will nas been dead many years. Cousin Maud has been very helpful. We visited her near Castleton. Tnrough Claude Pi.