Nuclear and Radiochemistry (Elsevier Insights)

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Lima; Fabricia R. Ferreira; Camila C. Santos; Chaquip D. Netto; Paulo R. Electrochemical data were obtained, in aprotic media, regarding reduction mechanism, reactivity with oxygen and analysis of the electrogenerated intermediates. Tamires S. Fernandes; Evelyn C.

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Santos; Vinicius G. Madriaga; Isabela A. Superparamagnetic nanoparticles functionalized with carboxylate-substituted pillar[5]arenes for chemo-hyperthermia therapy have been developed. Claudenice F. Fernandes; Moacir R. Castro; Ingrid B. Costa; Felipe S. Siqueira; Alexander H. Figueiredo; Rodrigo L. Lavall; Glaura G. Functionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes MWCNTs with better structural quality was achieved by means of a more environmentally friendly process.

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Ultrasonic cavitation in lower liquid volume provided an enhanced preservation of MWCNT aspect ratio without compromising the functionalization extent. Tiago Serodre; Norma A. Oliveira; Douglas R. Miquita; Max P.

Ferreira; Adelina P. Santos; Valdirene G. The resulting material was surface-modified, with the inclusion of amine and silanol groups. Shirley Nakagaki ; Kelly A.

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The aim of this review is to provide insight into porphyrin chemistry research in Brazilian institutions, especially that involving catalytic purposes, and discuss some advances achieved in the topic with the collaboration of researchers from the Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal. Goreti Pereira; Camila A. Monteiro; Gabriela M. Albuquerque; Maria I. Pereira; Mariana P.

Cabrera; Paulo E. Cabral Filho; Giovannia A. Pereira; Adriana Fontes; Beate S. Carla M. Leal; Ricardo M. Borges; Rosineide C. Simas; Fernanda N. Costa; Gilda G. A new tetraglycosylated flavonoid was isolated from the butanol extract of leaves of Platycyamus regnellii using high-speed countercurrent chromatography HSCCC. Vailatti; Daiani C. Acid hydrolysis of regular corn starch under external electric field greatly reduces the reaction time and increases starch crystallinity. Amylose and amylopectin are depicted in light and dark pink, respectively. Julymar M. Higuera ; Ana Beatriz S.

Silva ; Ana Rita A. Multi-energy calibration MEC was successfully employed to nutrients determination in beef and meats of sheep and chicken by inductively coupled plasma optical spectrometry ICP OES. Luisa P. Nascentes ; Frederico N. A simple and innovative method to identify gunshot residues and discriminate ammunition of six different calibers employing total reflection X-ray fluorescence TXRF and chemometric tools. Marcella E.

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Schmidt; Carla B. Synthesis of a hybrid monolith using a thiol-ene click chemistry reaction, for use in capillary liquid chromatography. Rhauane A. Galvao ; Paloma B. Barreto; Thiago A.

Half Life Chemistry Problems - Nuclear Radioactive Decay Calculations Practice Examples

Sales; Jeice M. Seeger ; Fabio A. Duarte ; Germana M. Silva; Giovanna Machado. Titanium dioxide nanotubes were obtained through anodization, and its surface was modified through layer-by-layer LbL self-assembly or cysteine adsorption to attach gold ions, which were reduced in Au 0 to be used as photocatalysts for hydrogen production. Tiago H. Ribeiro; Eduardo J.

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Vicente; Emerson H. Klester S. Temperini; Diego P.

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  5. Correlation between surface-enhanced Raman scattering SERS spectrum and gold nanorod cluster structure; end-to-end with side-by-side interactions may lead to strong enhancements. Mayara O. Almeida; Thayllan T. Bezerra; Nayane M. Lima; Anderson F. Sousa; Maria T. Trevisan; Viviane G.