Over a Cup of Coffee

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+ Coffee Quotes to Assist Your Caffeinated Musings

The person you are meeting with has made the time to meet with you and being late suggests that the meeting is not that important to you. Let them know that you have made them your priority and if you are unavoidably detained let them know in advance. You are not meeting with this person to make a sale. You are meeting this person to understand how you can provide a solution for them. Dress inappropriately for the meeting.

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If you are representing your business you need to dress accordingly. Your appearance is important and the effort you put in will be recognized.

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Be conscious of your body language when you communicate. Ask yourself this question: If you were meeting this person in your office how would you sit, stand and act. The formality of the office does not exist in the coffee shop environment.

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How you engage should still be as professional and courteous though. A casual approach can be seen as dismissive and they may not see you, as a representative of your business, as a serious or trustworthy opportunity. Be prepared. Stand up when the person you are meeting arrives, face them, make eye contact and shake their hand firmly. Making that little bit of effort shows them that you feel they are an important person to connect and do business with.

Always start the discussion with…. Tell me a little bit about your business and what you do. Everybody loves to talk about themselves and this makes you look receptive and open to learn what they have to offer. Listen intently and take notes. The fridge door opening, a pause, then closing again. The click as Dad switches off the kitchen light. His slow footsteps.

The simplest of rituals is one of my most treasured childhood memories. Knowing that Dad would always wake up and make Mum a coffee, every morning, holds so much significance. The symbolism of this hot, aromatic, drink goes far beyond the drink itself.


Important conversations in my life happen over a cup of coffee. Everyday conversations in my life happen over a cup of coffee. Coffee is part of my chain , central to my connection with family and friends. Friends, neighbours and family would always be coming over. The coffee machine is the star of our kitchen. The first thing we ask when people come to visit? Talking about life, kids and dreams. Strangely enough, I never drank coffee growing up. It was always something reserved for the adults. On my very first date, with a guy I had met at university, he insisted that we go out for coffee.

My first ever cappuccino arrived. Years of watching my mother and her coffee filled my senses. Slowly, I scooped the froth, teaspoon by teaspoon into my mouth — savouring the hot, milky bubbles. Then the first sip: my mouth was overwhelmed. The second sip stole my heart.

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I had fallen in love…with coffee. That very same man now wakes up before everyone else. He quietly goes downstairs and switches on the coffee machine. He checks his emails while the machine warms up, then proceeds to make two soy lattes every morning. On the last Thursday of each month, Conversations over Coffee will open up as a blog link-up, open to all who would like to join. The theme is Conversations with My First Love.

Maybe the early mornings as a new mum! PS I am at my in-laws house right now and Grandad literally just this second came out to boil the jug to make coffee for Granny who is still in bed. What a great idea, and what beautiful men. Though I must admit if Mr Awesome is up first on a weekend I am awoken with coffee. If all goes to plan lovely I will see you Thursday. Great idea! I LOVE coffee! So so much. I would love to join you on Thursday. I cannot remember when I drank my first coffee. I think I was with my best friend at a place called Busy Bee. I love it too — the darker and more bitter the better.

We had the same thing, but with tea. When she pops over to stay, we take turns making each other coffee while chatting, watching movies, discussing the future of the blog As you do! Lovely story!