The Servants of the Lord (Memoirs of Miracles and Evangelism)

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We started the revival meetings in Mt. Vernon, and God gave us a tremendous outpouring of His Holy Spirit. I found out that this pastor had been praying for some time for a spiritual breakthrough. There were some individuals in the church that had undergone abuse in their lives and needed the Lord to heal their hearts and minds.

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The Lord did a great work that week and the altars were filled each night. People heard of the work God was doing and came even from other towns. Many were healed, saved, and filled with the Holy Ghost. We finished that week of services by preaching the Sunday morning service, and left that afternoon to begin the revival in Red River County with their Sunday evening service. My wife was exhausted, but I assured her that we would arrive early enough to freshen up at the church. As we pulled into the parking lot, my wife pointed over to a little building. She was right: it was an outhouse.

There were no restrooms in the church. The Pastor arrived and suggested that I take off my coat and tie because I might feel uncomfortable being the only one there with one on. No one that attended his congregation could afford a coat and tie.

Many of them lived in the woods along the Red River. The people began to arrive, and by the time the service started, there was standing room only.

The Servants Of The Lord Memoirs Of Miracles And Evangelism English Edition

This church made me think of the Church in Smyrna written about in the Book of Revelation chapter 2. The Lord said that he knew their works, and tribulation, and poverty, but they were rich. What this church by the Red River lacked in finances, they more than made up for in Spirit and in love. When the preaching was over, and the people lined up for prayer, the line stretched out the back door. People began to come from all over, and the Pastor asked if we could extend the revival for another week.

A Palsied Man Healed and Forgiven

We returned home to get fresh clothes and then came back. We would return there also and hold future revivals. After their building burned down from a fire, we held a revival under a brush arbor in a field by the Red River. What the devil meant for evil, God turned around for good. These precious saints of God would not give up, and they rebuilt their Church building. This time it was a beautiful building made of brick with some fine indoor restrooms.

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We went on to hold revival services in churches throughout east Texas and southeast Oklahoma. The righteous need no call to repentance; but are the sinners to be left in sin, because those who profess to be spiritual teachers will not condescend to extend a helping hand?


John was in prison; but many of those who had been drawn to his baptism, and had professed discipleship to him, still clung to his teachings, and failed to see that the Greater One of whom he had testified was then ministering amongst them. The Baptist had been a scrupulous observer of the law; his strict asceticism vied with the rigor of Pharisaic profession. His non-progressive disciples, now left without a leader, naturally fell in with the Pharisees. But the days will come, when the bridegroom shall be taken away from them, and then shall they fast in those days.

If the questioners were able to comprehend the true import of this reply, they could not fail to find therein an implied abrogation of purely ceremonial observances comprized in the code of rabbinical rules and the numerous traditions associated with the law. But to make the subject clearer to their biased minds, Jesus gave them illustrations, which may be classed as parabolic.

And no man putteth new wine into old bottles: else the new wine doth burst the bottles, and the wine is spilled, and the bottles will be marred: but new wine must be put into new bottles. In such wise did our Lord proclaim the newness and completeness of His gospel. It was in no sense a patching up of Judaism.

He had not come to mend old and torn garments; the cloth He provided was new, and to sew it on the old would be but to tear afresh the threadbare fabric and leave a more unsightly rent than at first. Or to change the figure, new wine could not safely be entrusted to old bottles. The bottles here referred to were really bags, made of the skins of animals, and of course they deteriorated with age.

Sobre o Autor

Just as old leather splits or tears under even slight strain, so the old bottle-skins would burst from the pressure of fermenting juice, and the good wine would be lost. The gospel taught by Christ was a new revelation, superseding the past, and marking the fulfillment of the law; it was no mere addendum, nor was it a reenactment of past requirements; it embodied a new and an everlasting covenant. Attempts to patch the Judaistic robe of traditionalism with the new fabric of the covenant could result in nothing more sightly than a rending of the fabric.

The new wine of the gospel could not be held in the old time-worn containers of Mosaic libations. Judaism would be belittled and Christianity perverted by any such incongruous association. It is improbable that the disciples who followed Jesus in the early months of His ministry had remained with Him continuously down to the time now under consideration. We find that some of those who were later called to the apostleship were following their vocation as fishermen even while Jesus was actively engaged as a Teacher in their own neighborhood.

One day, as the Lord stood by the lake or sea of Galilee, the people pressed about Him in great numbers, eager to hear more of the wondrous words He was wont to speak.

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Seating Himself, as teachers of that time usually did in delivering discourses, the Lord preached from this floating pulpit to the multitude on shore. The subject of the address is not given us. When the sermon was ended, Jesus directed Simon to launch out into deep water and then let down the nets for a draught. Presumably Andrew was with his brother and possibly other assistants were in the boat.


The catch filled both boats so that they appeared to be in danger of sinking. To James and John the call was no less definite; and they too left their all to follow the Master. The real leprosy is a scourge and a plague in many oriental lands today. Zenos, in Standard Bible Dict. If nodules do not appear, their place is taken by spots of blanched or discolored skin Mascular leprosy. Both forms are based upon a functional degeneration of the nerves of the skin.

Its cause was discovered by Hansen in to be a specific bacillus.

Defective diet, however, seems to serve as a favorable condition for the culture of the bacillus. Leprosy was one of the few abnormal conditions of the body which the Levitical law declared unclean. Elaborate provision was therefore made for testing its existence and for the purification of those who were cured of it. Special Offers. IVP Book Club. Meeting the Spirit. Who is the Holy Spirit? How does he change our lives? How does he work in the world? Booksellers International Translations Permissions Libraries.

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