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Everybody in my class is reading it and the author is really funny. He visited my school and now everybody is trying to find the swords hidden in the book to try and win the ruby in the silver chest. I so enjoyed the workshop the author gave to our class today. His book TOR is brilliant.

Children now nagging me to buy a copy to continue reading it to them! A fun book. So much happens in it even on the first page. Tor is cool. He is a brilliant sniper. My brother will read it next. A talented novel from a new author. Keep your eyes on this one.

Assassin's Hunter is an intriguing, fast-paced YA. I really loved this book, a fantastic read. I highly recommend it :D. Hi everybody. Not that's a complicated voting system. Anyway, Tor's a bril' book. Darker; bloody, with wicked assassins in every dimly lit corner. Actually, it would make an excellent film.

Brad Pitt as Tor or maybe Alan Rickman when he was younger. This is a page turner. My son Luke loves this book. It's great to see him so engrossed in his reading. The characters are very well written, my son wants to be part of the story.

As a photographer in North Yorkshire, I had to read the book myself and was delighted to read the descriptions of Sweden; I will have to pay the country a visit with my son and my trusted digital SLR. Look forward to the next novel. Thank you and good luck, we hope you win.


I am not a lover of fight scenes but Tor defending his ground with students for soldiers was engaging - I wanted to get to the next page and the next, rooting for their safety. Very fast paced, gripping the reader from the first word of action. I wanted more to read of this story.

Paula Shene, Author. Good luck Billy Bob. You have worked so hard on your writing and deserve success. Took three tries to be able to vote! But your book was worth it. Billy Bob Buttons has an intricate way of describing his characters that actually ends up gripping his readers. Shows talent and creativity.

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Good luck, VicToria of www. The author has an eye for detail. It is not often you find a young adult novel set historically AND accurately. The first book in, what could be, a thrilling set of novels.

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But I must add this. This is a deeply written book often violent with an intricate plot and complex historical setting. Why then choose the pen name Billy Bob Buttons?! Better for a Noddy book. A mixture of Colonel Sharp and Twilight with an icing of botany. A very original tale perfect for teenagers. A very enjoyable book I read this author's other book, The Gullfoss Legends, with my daughter. She enjoyed it very much. So, when the author visited her school, we bought his new book, Tor. So far, we had read the first two chapters together. The book is yet to drop on the doorstep but my daughter was too impatient to wait, so I discovered the ebook for her.

It is very different from his other books. Much darker, more violent too and I'm glad my daughter is a year older than when she read Gullfoss Legends. Edward, his real name I understand, has an amazing way of pulling you into the story. I want to know who the assassin is even more than my 11 year old child! But many authors can write a mystery, so why is he different?

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Simply put, he sets his mystery in the most interesting of times and places and his descriptions of the Prussian French Wars and of the Swedish countryside is, quite simply, wonderful. If this award really is looking to show off British writing talent then this is the author who should win this award. After my daughter spent one hour in his literacy workshop, all she wanted to do was be an author. How's that for inspirational. And he's not paying me to say this. In fact, I only met him for 3 seconds at a book signing in the school. Good luck!


My daughter loved the Gullfoss Legends one of his earlier books too. The best bit is when he has the fight with the assassin in the barn. He's really bad with a dagger but wins anyway.

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He is sort of lucky. I want to read the next book very much. Maybe he will visit our school next year too when I will be in Year 6. Vote now for this book and help a brilliant writer. Better than Harry Potter. Clever, fast moving plot against the backdrop of a war - revealing all its nasty horrors and dangers. Did I think the book was good? Why did I read it?

TOR Trilogy by Billy Bob Buttons

The author visited my school and we read a lot of it in class. This is not usually my sort of thing. Parts of it were very sad and parts of it were very exciting.