Vera and the Ambassador: Escape and Return

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After the date, Papyrus calls the protagonist and very specifically instructs them to go to Alphys's lab, citing no reason other than a 'good feeling' he claims to have about doing so.

Dubious Pursuits - Critical Role - Campaign 2, Episode 40

This may be because Flowey told him to tell the protagonist, but did not want the protagonist to know. Arriving at the lab, the protagonist finds a note from Alphys, in which she declares she is going to "face her own mistakes. The protagonist enters the door, which actually leads to an elevator. They take the elevator down to the True Lab, but it loses power and malfunctions, leaving them stuck in the lab. Exploring the lab, they find logs from long ago, detailing Alphys's experiments with SOULs and Determination to restore monsters from death.

Injecting determination into the dead monsters successfully restored them to life, but they melted and turned into Amalgamates - fusions of several monsters. Several of these amalgamates attack the protagonist, but the protagonist spares them. The protagonist sees the determination extractor, resembling part of Flowey's form during his boss battle in the Neutral Route, and they learn that Alphys did some experiments with golden flowers, which produced a single living specimen who escaped.

The protagonist switches the power on, restoring power to the elevators. Some Amalgamates appear, but Alphys saves the protagonist from them, explaining that they were aggressive because they were hungry.

She further explains that the monsters' bodies could not handle the determination, and thus melted together. Alphys thanks the protagonist for their support and declares to the Amalgamates that they will return home. Alphys leaves the true lab, and the protagonist returns to one of the elevators.

Ambassador Donald M. Blinken and Mrs. Vera Blinken

They receive a call from someone they do not recognize. The voice, implied to be Asriel Flowey mimicking his voice , calls the protagonist by the name given to the Fallen Human at the beginning of the game, and tells them that 'everything has fallen into place' and that they will 'see you soon. It's a voice you have never heard before. Are you there? It's been a long time, hasn't it? But you've done well. Thanks to you, everything has fallen into place.

See you soon. The elevator appears to malfunction and lands the protagonist at the entrance to New Home. Vines jam the elevator shut. At the barrier , the protagonist confronts Asgore. As they prepare to fight, Toriel arrives, incapacitates Asgore, and consoles the protagonist. After reprimanding Asgore for his actions, even going as far as to give him a simpler way to retrieve human SOULs, she is shortly later followed by Sans , Papyrus, Undyne, and Alphys, who all begin to chat.

To Alphys's surprise, Papyrus reveals that a 'tiny flower' helped him call everybody to the Throne Room. Flowey arrives and traps the other monsters in vines. He then thanks the protagonist for bringing them all to one spot, saying that he absorbed the humans' SOULs while the protagonist's friends were chatting, claiming he will absorb them all as well to achieve his 'real form.

And as Vera Mrs. Blinken was a refugee from Hungary, educated in the USA, she recounts the history and progress of her native land with accuracy and compassion.

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Ambassador Donald Blinken, whose keen business intelligence enabled him to assist in the rise of free market capitalism in Hungary, as well as American participation in it, often comments on how much he was helped by Vera's fluency in Hungarian and her understanding of it culture.

It is a pleasure to read, for a change, Good News! Clinton selected Mr. Blinken because the President understood the fledgling democracy would need someone who could help the country adjust to the global economy and Donald's wife Vera was born and raised in Budapest; as a child she and her mom fled just after WWII ended and the Soviets brought down the Iron Curtain. This memoir provides alternating insider looks at Hungary during a critical adjustment point.

Rotating perspectives, Donald's sections enable the reader to obtain a glimpse at world events impacting the former Communist nation such as joining NATO and helping with the Bosnia crisis. Vera's entries are more personal as she compares the s Budapest to her memoirs of living there in the s.

VERA AND THE AMBASSADOR | Vera and Donald Blinken

Harriet Klausner. An enthralling true account of two lives brought together by the tumultuous events of the second half of the 20th century.

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Their individual voices, trading off chapters, convey the personal drama they each experienced, alone and then together. Vera's dramatic story of escaping Hungary to find refuge in the U. Donald's recounting of the cataclysmic events leading up to and following the fall of the Berlin Wall is equally compelling.

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Their shared tale of living in a rapidly changing, post- Iron curtain Hungary, as the American ambassador and wife, reveals a world not known to most citizens about the enormous personal sacrifice, dedication, and influence, these, our overseas representatives make year in-and- out. Fascinating and illuminating, the book records a significant time in history recorded by two very remarkable individuals.

I found this a very touching and informative book. Vera Blinken's descriptions of her wartime experiences in Hungary were moving, and her courage in confronting them was inspiring. I would have liked to know even more about her personal growth in addressing these issues.

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I also very much enjoyed reading about Donald's and Vera's experiences in Hungary at such a formative time in its development. Go to Amazon. The symptoms would ambush her during the holidays, and later, while she was a freelance correspondent covering the Bosnian war, when the shelling stopped. That should have been a clue that something was a little bit amiss. The panic attacks persisted in the rare lulls during the hectic years of her stellar career that followed.

At 48, Power has now written a memoir, The Education of an Idealist , that charts not only her steep upward trajectory, but also her excavation of her Irish immigrant roots, where the clues to her bouts of breathlessness and pain lay hidden.

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It was watching TV pictures of the Chinese government crushing the Tiananmen protests in June , and the famous image of a lone protester standing in front of a tank, that turned her from sports journalism to foreign policy. It was the unfolding genocide in Bosnia that drew her there as a year-old freelancer. I first met Power in Bosnia in the s. We were part of a shifting group of journalists and aid workers who set up home in a Sarajevo bed and breakfast called The Hondo. Power was a decade or so younger than most, but even then was full of self-confidence and optimism about what she could achieve.

She was already focusing on how she might change events rather than merely describe them.

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Looking back, she puts that drive down in part to a short stint working at a Washington thinktank, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and the influence of its president at the time, Morton Abramowitz , a retired diplomat who became her mentor. When, at the height of the war, Power left Bosnia for Harvard Law School, one older male reporter told her — somewhat derisively but more prophetically than he could have imagined — that she was on her way to becoming secretary of state.

At Harvard she imagined being a war crimes prosecutor at The Hague. So she dropped out of the law course and embarked on what ended up being a five year project on genocide. It culminated in her book A Problem from Hell. Her prominence caught the attention of the then senator Obama, who recruited her as a foreign policy adviser. But his rise to the presidency, and her ascent alongside him to the White House and then the UN, took her from foreign policy theory to practice, with all the compromises that entailed. One of the darkest clouds that hangs over the legacy of the Obama administration is Syria.